20 laptop friendly cafes to remote work in Lisbon

Comoba cafe cais do sodre Lisbon
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Lisbon being one of the world’s top digital nomad destinations means there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding free wifi and laptop-friendly co-working cafes to get your work done.

If maybe Starbucks isn’t your thing and you’re looking for original, authentic local cafes to work in Lisbon, you’ve come to the right place!

Below we have curated a list of some of the best cafes in Lisbon where you can rock up with your laptop, soak up the vibe, enjoy quality barista coffee, healthy food or even a refreshing craft beer while you work.

Our recommendations below of the best laptop-friendly cafes for remote working in Lisbon are listed in no particular order.

Since we originally created this list things have changed quite a lot in Lisbon and it seems like laptops are a little less welcome then they were as Lisbon has become crazy popular. If you find that you can’t work in any of the places do write a comment below and if enough people say the same we’ll update the info : )

You can now recommend your favourite laptop-friendly cafes in Lisbon in the comments section at the bottom of the page or reach out to us via our contact page. We’ll check them out and if they make the grade we’ll add them to our list!


Cool and stylish brunch cafe in the Bica area of Lisbon

Dear Breakfast Bica, laptop friendly work cafe in the Bica area of Lisbon
Dear Breakfast Bica, in the Bica / Santos area of Lisbon

Dear Breakfast has three really nice locations in the centre of Lisbon, this one is tucked away in a cute street in Bica and the others are in nearby Alfama and Chiado.

The Bica location is bright and cosy with a lovely arched ceiling. There are plenty of power sockets, the wifi code is on the menu to make things easy and the menu has plenty of the classic brunch options you would come to expect in a place like this. If you’re looking for a nice laptop-friendly work cafe around the Bica / Santos area do check it out. It does get busy so we recommend getting there early to grab a table or go outside of the busy breakfast time

rua das galvotas, 17, Lisboa



Popular brunch cafe and co-working spot in the Cais do Sodre area of Lisbon

Comoba laptop friendly cafe Lisbon

Good news! The new Comoba is open for business again and buzzing as always. The new location is on the same road as the old one a few minutes away on the opposite side of the road if you walk away from Cais do Sodre in the direction of Sao Bento

Comoba in the Cais do Sodre area of downtown Lisbon has become something of a local legend in the last few years combining a cool relaxed vibe, fair trade coffee and healthy locally sourced food options with spaces for remote workers to get their work done surrounded by good vibes.

At Comoba you can be sure of great service and nice music playing in the background. Comoba has a couple of long tables in the rear for remote workers, however, there is no comfortable seating just stools, so if you plan to work for a while or prefer a proper chair then it’s maybe not the best place. It’s also maybe a little on the pricey side, not crazy expensive for how Lisbon has become but still worth keeping in mind. Still, if you are looking for a place to do a little work in the centre of Cais do Sodre while enjoying the buzz then Comoba would be a good choice if you don’t mind a bit of a touristy/instagramy vibe : )

Rua da Boavista 90
1200-085 lisboa



Popular brunch cafe, gallery and co-work spot in the trendy Graca area of Lisbon

Curva cafe in Graça Lisbon
Curva cafe in the Graça area of Lisbon

Curva is another of our favourite places to remote work in the Graça area of Lisbon, close to the historic quarter of Alfama. Curva has a very nice, relaxed atmosphere, reasonable prices and a nice design.

There are a couple of tables on the street if you want to sit in the sun but most of the action happens inside. The space offers a few tables at the back at which you can crack open your laptop.

There is a small space that acts as a gallery space and there is a small boutique that offers Portuguese products. Curva offers delicious fresh juices, breakfast and lunch options as well as alcoholic drinks. If you are in the Graça area of Lisbon and looking for a nice place to work for a few hours we would highly recommend Curva.

R. Damasceno Monteiro 108D, 1170-113 Lisboa



Popular cafe in the historic Alfama area with sweeping views over Lisbon

Cafe de Garagem in Alfama, Lisbon
Cafe de Garagem in the historic Alfama district of Lisbon

Teatro da Garagem opened the Café da Garagem in 2011. Café da Garagem is a really popular remote work spot for digital nomads in Lisbon. In the Café, visitors can enjoy sweeping views over Lisbon, work from chairs or desks and enjoy a selection of reasonably priced snacks and refreshments. It’s worth going for the views alone! A few people have commented that you can’t work there with a laptop so please keep that in mind. In any case we’re happy to include it in our list as it’s a nice spot to have a drink or a coffee and enjoy the view!

Costa do Castelo 65
1100-178 Lisboa

+351 218 854 190
+351 968 015 251



Coffee roaster and cafe close to the Oriente area of Lisbon

The Royal Rawmess Lisbon

The Royal Rawness is primarily a coffee roaster passionate about quality food. If you love your coffee and are close to the Oriente area of Lisbon this would be a great place to enjoy high-quality coffee while getting your work done in a nice environment.


Australian / Portuguese brunch cafe with its own ceramics studio

The Mill cafe and ceramic studio Lisbon

The Mill is an Australian-Portuguese cafe in the heart of downtown Lisbon offering speciality coffee and all days breakfasts and brunches. What makes the Mill a little different is the fact that it has its own ceramics studio offering beautiful handmade Portuguese ceramics

Update: One of our readers has reported that the Mill is no longer laptop-friendly. We will be checking it out for ourselves to see if we can still keep it on our list, in the meantime please keep in mind that it might not be laptop-friendly anymore! If you have a different experience please do share it in the comments section at the bottom of this page : )

Rua do Poço dos Negros 1
1200-335 Lisboa


Monday – Friday
08:00 – 15:00

Saturday & Sunday
08:00 – 16:00



Cafe close to the trendy Bica area of Lisbon

hello kristof cafe in Lisbon, Portugal

Clean Nordic design meets Lisbon coffee culture at Hello Kristof. Hello Kristof is the brainchild of freelance graphic designer Ricardo Galésio and offers a cool, artsy ambience in which to enjoy speciality coffees whilst getting your remote work done. Hello Kristof can be found close to the trendy Bica & Sao Bento areas. One of the things that makes Hello Kristof special is the wide selection of magazines that you can pick up and enjoy when you have a few moments to chill and don’t want to look at your screen anymore! Hello Kristof is a small place and has no laptop signs on some tables so bear that in mind before heading over as you may not get a place to sit and work.

Update: One of our readers has reported that Hello Kristof is no longer laptop-friendly. We will be checking it out for ourselves to see if we can still keep it on our list, in the meantime please keep in mind that it might not be laptop-friendly anymore! If you have a different experience please do share it in the comments section at the bottom of this page : )

R. do Poço dos Negros 103, 1200-337, Lisboa


Craft beer brewer in the heart of Lisbon offering co-working space

DeBru Craft Beer Lisbon

When we think of places to go and remote work, we’re usually thinking cafes which certainly makes sense for mornings and early afternoons. However, on a beautiful sunny Lisbon late afternoon, why not grab a cold glass of craft beer while you get on with your work. DeBru is the kind of place to do it. They offer their own selection of craft beers and also places to work.

R. Luciano Cordeiro 2C, 1150-313 Lisboa



Co-working space popular with the Lisbon crypto crowd

The Block is a co-working space with a difference. It is a place for the crypto crowd to hang out, work and network but nobody is excluded. The Block has a regular weekly event on the rooftop where people can come, meet fellow techies, talk DeFi & smart contracts, have a few drinks and snacks and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. If you are into crypto it’s a place well worth checking out. Aside from the rooftop the Block offers private rooms, call rooms, a main area, kitchen and AV room.

R. Latino Coelho 63 1er Andar, 1050-133 Lisboa



A cool and original place to chill, work and hang out close to the Graca / Alfama areas

Homie’s a local joint is a gem of a place to discover in Lisbon. It has an authentic chilled, friendly, authentic and maybe slightly alternative vibe in the nicest of ways. It’s not trying to be instagrammable , it will make sense when you go! They have a nice menu and drinks selection for those moments when you’re feeling peckish or want to extend into the evening.

Rua do Vale de Santo António 48c, 1170-380 Lisboa


DUAL (formally Give it a shot), LISBON

Cafe with plenty of spaces for people to remote work, close to Timeout Market in Lisbon

Give it a shot - Lisbon

Give it a shot, now called Dual started out as a pop up offering basic barista training and eventually found a 150m2 space to call home. Give it a shot offers quality coffee of course combined with a nice selection of food including very nice toasties, shakshuka and more. There are plenty of desks where you can work however most don’t have access to power points so it’s important you get there on a full charge incase you don’t get a space next to an outlet. Dual operates as a cafe and doesn’t charge a fee just like every other cafe offering spaces for remote workers, but there is a minimum €10 consumption requirement if you plan to work from Dual for a whole day which is fair enough. If you just want to work for an hour or so it’s ok to just buy a coffee.  Dual is quite a pretty nice place to work, is quiet and has a good vibe if you’re in the Cais do Sodre / Timeout market area looking for a laptop friendly cafe to work in.

Rua Dom Luís I 22, 1200-109 Lisboa



Trendy neighbourhood cafe/restaurant in Anjos close to Intendente metro

Marias Food Hub Lisbon

Maria Food Hub is a modern and stylish Portuguese cafe/restaurant offering everything from tea and coffee to cocktails, toasties, salads, bowls, burgers and more. It has a small outside seating area and also places inside where you can remote work to your hearts content. Maria Food Hub is open all day, every day from 8.30 am to 11 pm.

R. Maria Andrade 38, 1170-216 Lisboa



Cute and tiny coffee house in the trendy Santos area of Lisbon

Buna Specialty Coffee Shop in Santos Lisbon

Buna Specialty Coffee Shop just makes it in to our list although we must stress, this place is very small and there are just two small spaces for those wanting to work on their laptops. Chatting to the lovely barista she emphasised that this is a place to come enjoy the high quality coffee, lovely food and meet people, it’s a place to be social rather than work. With that in mind, there are a couple of spaces for laptop users and free wifi on offer so if you’re in the area and fancy a great coffee or dirty chai, cool authentic ambience and maybe do a tiny bit of work in this tiny place, it could just hit the spot!

R. do Poço dos Negros 168, 1200-267 Lisboa



Stylish cafe, brunch and lunch co-work spot in the Marques de Pombal area of Lisbon

Yard of Greens is a stylish spot in the heart of Lisbon, close to Parque Eduardo VII and Avenida da Liberdade in the Marques de Pombal area of Lisbon. Yard of Greens is spacious with a very calm “natural” atmosphere. The unique decor includes a tree in the centre of the room coming through a round table at which you can sit and work.  There’s also a large terrace in the rear and free wifi is available everywhere. On the menu, you will find juices, coffee of course, burgers, pasta, salads, sweet bowls, pancakes as well as the usual avocado toasts and eggs. On a hot Lisbon day, their air conditioning is a lifesaver!

Rua do Conde de Redondo 70, 1150-109 Lisboa


Copenhagen Coffee Lab and bakery is quite a large co-work cafe in the Cais do Sodre area of Lisbon

Copenhagen coffee lab cais do sodre lisbon
Image: The Global Circle

Copenhagen Coffee Lab & bakery is a small chain of cafes / bakeries that seems were made for the Lisbon digital nomad scene. Each of the Copenhagen Coffee lab locations has a clean, modern design and the location in Cais do Sodre is quite large so getting a place to sit down and work shouldn’t be a problem. The wifi is free and the code is helpfully displayed behind the area where you order your coffee. On my visit, the internet seemed a little bit flaky but it could have been just that day. Copenhagen Coffee Lab offers a nice selection of coffees, chais, smoothies, snacks and pastries and it’s also worth remembering they are in fact a bakery so it’s possible to pick up a nice sourdough loaf of bread while you are there.

Rua de S. Paulo 62, 1200-019 Lisboa



Bowls & Bar is a lovely little cafe bar in the trendy São Bento district of Lisbon

Bowls & Bar cafe Lisbon
Photo: The Global Circle

I have passed Bowls & Bar so many times and finally had a chance to check it out. You can find Bowls & Bar in the trendy São Bento area of Lisbon close to Santos and Cais do Sodre and down from Estrella.

Bowls & Bar has a very relaxed and local vibe. The service is friendly and they have a nice selection of food and snacks to choose from. This includes coffee, tea, healthy juices and also alcoholic beverages. I tried one of their healthy juices and their hummus and sourdough bread. Both were very good and served really fast.

One of the things that makes Bowls & Bar different is that it has a florist inside the cafe and also local art adorns the walls which you can buy if one takes your fancy.

To get access to the free wifi ask a member of staff and they’ll bring you the details on a small slip of paper. The internet is fast, around 80 Mbps on my visit.

I would say Bowls & Bar has a nice mixture of relaxed cafe/bar vibe with the possibility to work but on my visit, it wasn’t full of people working on their laptops. Bowls & Bar definitely has a very authentic Lisbon feeling. Do check Bowls & Bar out if you are in the area!

R. de São Bento 51, 1200-815 Lisboa



Cotidiano is a lovely brunch cafe in the downtown Baixa area of Lisbon

Cotidiano brunch cafe Lisbon

Cotidiano is a nice, almost hidden gem in the heart of Lisbon’s downtown Baixa area. It’s not a place full of digital nomads working on their laptops but you can.

The owners of Cotidiano have kindly put stickers on each table that shows the QR code for the menu and also the wifi password.

The internet speed was decent at 69.4 Mbps download and 51 Mbps upload. They have burritos, shakshuka, burgers, bowls, juices and more and the prices are quite reasonable for this kind of place.

If you’re looking for a mixture of cool brunch cafe vibe while you work Cotidiano could be a good place to check out

R. do Crucifixo 2, 1100-183 Lisboa



Manjerica is a vegan / vegetarian cafe restaurant in the downtown Baixa area of Lisbon

Manjerica vegan vegetarian cafe Lisbon
Manjerica vegan / vegetarian cafe near Praça da Figueira, Lisbon

Manjerica is a modern and stylish vegan/vegetarian cafe in the heart of Lisbon’s downtown Baixa area just a few metres from Praça da Figueira square.

You are welcome to work from Manjerica with your laptop however they politely mentioned that maybe they would need the space if it gets really busy. While it didn’t bother me you should keep in mind that Manjerica is directly above the Lisbon metro system and you can feel the vibrations as the metro trains pass but it’s nothing dramatic!

There are power outlets available in several places which is super convenient. On my visit, the internet speed was really slow, so slow that it was likely be a temporary problem. I will come back another day to check again. With that in mind, if your work requires high speed internet perhaps check out another place on our list just to be safe.

The staff are really friendly and Manjerica has a nice relaxed vibe. On my visit, there was only one other person with a laptop working. Manjerica has a nice menu and prices are pretty reasonable. I had a cafe latte and it was ok, nothing to get excited about but it did the job!

If you are in the Baixa area of downtown Lisbon, close to Praça da Figueira and are into vegan/vegetarian food you should check Manjerica out!

Rua João das Regras, Praça da Figueira 5-A, 1100-293 Lisboa, Portugal



Tease is a cute cafe and bakery hidden away from the crowds in the Misericórdia district of Lisbon

Tease Cafe & Bakery Misericórdia Lisbon
Tease Cafe & Bakery in the Misericórdia district of Lisbon

I literally bumped into Tease Cafe & Bakery in the Misericórdia district of Lisbon by accident. I was checking out a different cafe for its laptop friendliness and on my way back decided to walk down a street I didn’t know. I’m so glad I did!

Tease Cafe & Bakery caught my eye and I decided to check it out. Tease Cafe & Bakery has a very local feel, on my visit, the vast majority of people are Portuguese which is a welcome change in contrast to the tourist-heavy areas of Cais do Sodre and generally downtown Lisbon during the peak tourist seasons. Tease Cafe & Bakery is actually not very far away from the popular areas of Principe Real and Chiado.

There is a large dining table where it’s possible to work, regular small tables and there is also a large terrace outside. The prices are pretty reasonable and there’s quite a selection, from smoothies and juices to coffees, teas, burgers and more.

The wifi worked well, showing around 40 Mbps and the service is super friendly. Tease Cafe & Bakery has a nice relaxed feel and definitely a nice place to grab a coffee, do some work and feel like you are actually in Portugal!

R. Quintinha 70B, 1200-420 Lisboa, Portugal



Marquise is a cafe with a hidden patio very close to Praça das Flores in Lisbon

Marquise cafe close to praça das flores lisbon
Marquise cafe close to Praça das Flores, Lisbon

Marquise cafe is very close to Tease also on this list and within just a few minutes’ walk away from Praça das Flores and about 10 mins walk down from Principe Real.

Marquise cafe is charming and stylish and a place you could easily walk past without noticing it, not knowing that all the action is hidden away in the back where you’ll find a very cute patio.

Marquise cafe was recommended to me a few times and I finally had a chance to go check it out.

I had read on Google reviews that some people were complaining of rude service or arrogance, on my visit it wasn’t like that but I would say it didn’t have the most welcoming vibe when compared to other cafes in Lisbon. Still, saying that the service was fine and polite and I’d suggest checking it out.

It is possible to work on a laptop however you should note that between the hours of 12pm and 3pm laptops are not allowed in the patio area or the tables at the rear of Marquise which is okay as it’s their busy time to serve lunch. There are some tables at the front of Marquise when you enter off the street that can be used all day.

I only had a coffee and it was really nice and presented in a very cool cup! If you’re near Praça das Flores ideally before 12pm or after 3pm do check Marquise out as it is a bit of a hidden gem and also, if you’re looking for a nice quiet place in Lisbon city centre to have a spot of lunch or brunch this would be a great place to check out.

R. Nova da Piedade 33, 1200-296 Lisbon, Portugal

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  1. Awesome post!
    I can’t wait to try some of the café houses,

    I’m already happy that I tried Cafe da Garagem, it is popular, so there may be some waiting in the afternoon but it is worth it, the place has a nice atmosphere and it has a beautiful view as you wrote! <3
    In the meantime, laptop users are not really welcomed anymore
    (4 spots are available – they can cram up to 8 people to the single table, otherwise they turn people away),
    even if the whole place is 10% full, and the Portuguese waitresses were not very welcoming.
    The Chilean waiter was friendly though, luckily, so we had a nice casual chat and I felt a lot more welcome.

    Yard of Greens is closed.

    Homie's is for Sunday, probably (otherwise it is probably breakfast-only 9 AM–12 AM),
    last Sunday it was closed.

    I'll write some more, if it is welcome.:) You guys gave the best starting point for adventures in Lisbon, I have managed to find in Google.


  2. Hey Barney, thanks for your comments and feedback, it’s really appreciated and we’re really glad you found our post useful! Do let us know if you come across any other great places as things are changing all the time in Lisbon!

  3. Hi !

    Thank you for your work.

    Sadly for me, Hello Kristof should not be on this list, all the tables have the “keep your laptop in your bag please” sign.

    I asked the staff, the no laptop policy is for the entire place…

    So a bit frustrating, but I’ll still try one of your other recommendations next time 4)

  4. Attention, the Mill isn’t laptop friendly at all, they literally say they hate laptops 🙂 A beautiful place but a pity since I came there hoping to work

  5. Thank you Lola for the info. It looks like things have changed since we added it to our guide. We are seeing this more and more as Lisbon is becoming more popular. We’ll check it out and update the info : )

  6. Hello Hugo, thanks for the info. Yes, we’re seeing this happen quite a lot in Lisbon. We’ll check it out and update the info. Yes, please do check out the recommendations and please feel free to recommend other places via the comments. We sometimes miss the comments and might be a bit late to reply but always do : )

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