About the Global Circle and the Global Circle Club

Global Circler


noun: global circler; plural noun: global circlers

  1. a person that circles the globe as a digital nomad, location independent entrepreneur or perpetual traveller

Join our journey at the Global Circle

As technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives the global circle is getting smaller by the day. Where people were once physically tied to specific towns, villages or cities because that’s where the work was is now thankfully changing for the better.

Technology and an increase in remote work opportunities allow many people to work from any location in the world as long as they have access to the internet.

The Global Circle is about embracing the shift to a more fluid, mobile way of life, where it’s possible to combine work, play and travel to your heart’s desire. The only limits being your imagination, economic resources, sense of adventure and desire to explore our beautiful planet and the people that live on it.


The Global Circle Club for digital nomads

The Global Circle Club is a private members club dedicated to the remote work / digital nomad lifestyle helping digital nomads find the best places to stay, work and connect with each other around the world.

If you would like to apply for free club membership you can follow this link > https://www.globalcircle.club/index.php?name=register

The Global Circle Club will launch in autumn 2022, you can register for free using the link above and as soon as we open we’ll let you know. You can also follow us on Instagram @globalcircleclub for the latest updates