Future of work – we speak with Wurkr co-founder and CEO Annil Chandel

Annil Chandel - Co-founder & CEO of Wurkr

Today we are excited to chat with the co-founder and CEO of Wurkr, a UK based SAAS startup that’s taking the “remote” out of remote working.


wurkr platform for remote workers and distributed teams

Wurkr is on a mission to virtually recreate the collaborative elements of real brick and mortar office environments for remote, hybrid and distributed teams.

Wurkr offers an interesting and novel approach to solving problems such as loneliness or disconnectedness for remote teams.

Wurkr does this by visually representing a virtual office space on the screen, complete with meeting rooms, break-out rooms and so on. Colleagues can see each other even if they are geographically on the other side of the world.

As hybrid and remote work continue to gain momentum, Wurkr is out to provide solutions that can help organisations make the most of hybrid / remote work opportunities now and into the future.

We invited Annil to tell us a little about Wurkr and his views on the future of work

What is your organisation called?



What is your position at Wurkr?

Co-founder & CEO


Where is Wurkr based?

London, England


When was Wurkr founded?



Tell us a little about what Wurkr does?

Wurkr is an immersive collaboration platform enabling teams to collaborate and stay visible on-screen while working from anywhere. It provides real-time visibility of your work colleagues and removes the loneliness from distributed/remote working, saving time wasted trying to arrange quick chats on traditional video platforms. Think of Zoom and Slack coming together in a multi-room visual office on your screen.


What problem are you trying to solve at Wurkr?

We are connecting remote and hybrid teams with an immersive virtual office. The whole idea is based around taking the “remote” out of remote-working.


What is your target market?

SMEs working in a remote, hybrid or distributed way.


How remote-friendly are you at Wurkr?

We are a remote-first business.


What are the main technologies you use to communicate at Wurkr?


You have been in the recruitment space for a while and have witnessed so many changes in the work environment. How do you see the working landscape in say the next 10 to 20 years?

Clearly, hybrid working is the key for most organisations, even if it is only for part of their teams. Just in the last 6 months hybrid working has more than doubled. Not only that but working close to home, working from anywhere and digital nomadic life is becoming more recognised and adopted.


Are there any other thoughts you would like to share?

I believe environmental challenges are also driving the change in working practices and cost of living increases we are seeing are becoming a huge consideration as employees begin to enjoy greater flexibility in choosing where to base themselves.


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Thank you Annil for taking the time to speak with us about Wurkr, we wish you the best of success!

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