The birth of the global circler, more than simply a digital nomad

Global Circlers by the beach enjoying sunset

We are often asked what the Global Circle is. Today, we are talking about exactly that and introducing Global Circlers, a new, more inclusive community of nomadic people that go way beyond the current digital nomad label! A nomadic community not limited by age, gender, nationality, background or occupation but rather a shared spirit of curiosity, positive vibes, co-operation and adventure.

To us, the Global Circle represents citizens of the world who are not only connected by the family they were born into or the actual place they were born but are independently connected to others around the world based on travels, shared interests and the quest for freedom.

We are building an international community of Global Circlers who wish to make the world fairer, more tolerant and help people to break free of the sometimes dated concepts of how we are expected to work, connect and live in today’s hectic and increasingly interconnected world.

In a nutshell, the Global Circler movement is about embracing freedom and personal experiences without boundaries like age, gender, religion, job title or nationality getting in the way.


Our definition of the Global Circler :

Global Circler


noun: global circler; plural noun: global circlers

  1. a person that expands beyond their local circle into a global circle of like-minded people, new cultures and life enriching experiences.


A digital nomad can be a Global Circler but a Global Circler doesn’t have to be a digital nomad!

We hear the term digital nomad a lot these days and being honest the term “digital nomad” can sometimes throw up mixed responses when it comes up in conversation.

We could probably define a typical digital nomad as a person between 25 and 35 years old and mostly remote working in a marketing or tech role. This person is frequently moving and staying only for relatively short periods of time in a single location.

The digital nomad label misses out on a huge raft of people who maybe do not fit into that bracket but are still pursuing the freedom to live life their way, nomadic or not.


A Global Circler can also be a slowmad, a location independent entrepreneur, remote worker, perpetual traveller or anyone else with the desire to explore life on this planet beyond their own backyard

Others who also live a sometimes nomadic life include remote entrepreneurs who aren’t necessarily running tech businesses and perpetual travellers who are…well…travelling perpetually. Then there are the slowmads who are nomadic but not moving around as frequently and instead prefer to spend longer periods of time in a single location.


What do most Global Circlers have in common?

What all of these people have in common is a desire to travel, a desire to break away from the norm and a desire to have the freedom to live life their way. 

The Global Circler movement encompasses all these people and more. There is no age limit to being a Global Circler or any particular occupation you need to have. You don’t even need a job or a business to be a Global Circler. If you have the means to sustain yourself and the desire to travel, experience different cultures and expand your life experience, you are a Global Circler!


You don’t have to leave your country to be a Global Circler!

We often forget about the thousands of brave people who break free of their town or city of birth to start a new life and adventure in a different city within the same country.

These people often arrive not knowing a single person and start from scratch. They make new friends, get to know the new city and expose themselves to the new experiences and people they will encounter.

These people also have the Global Circler spirit even if they are not travelling all the time or moving abroad. Who knows, maybe they will at some point!


Share your Global Circler story

We are excited about featuring Global Circlers from all over the world who are chasing their passions and living life according to their rules.

To get started, simply tell us a little about yourself and your Global Circler lifestyle by following the link below.

I am a Global Circler and would like to share my story


Does this resonate with you? Join our international Global Circle Community Movement

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Happy exploring and see you soon!

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