Over 1.9 billion people visit Youtube every month, is your hotel making the most of the opportunity?

Here are some quick Youtube facts

• Over 1.9 Billion logged in users visit YouTube each month, every day people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views

• Youtube is the second most visited site in existence according to Alexa. 

• Youtube was the top iOS app in 2018 according to Apple. Youtube beat Snapchat and Facebook as the free app with the most downloads of the year.

• 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. We watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, more than Netflix and Facebook video combined!

What can the Global Circle Club offer your hotel?

• A stylish video cinematically filmed in 4k, produced by our team and presented on our Global Circle Club Youtube channel

• Your hotel included in our stylish “A taste of…” city guide films within our “Recommended places to stay” section as well as an individual video of your hotel

• Our video can be easily displayed on your official hotel website to help you showcase your property in style

• Simple all inclusive pricing including 4k filming, editing, titles and music starting at just £600

• Benefit from traffic to your own website when visitors to our Youtube channel or online magazine discover your hotel and want to book directly with you

An example of our first “a taste of…” short film of Strasbourg, France

We chose beautiful Strasbourg in France to shoot and produce our first city taster film for our new Youtube channel. Each short film provides a taste of the city and then our recommended hotels at the end, for this video we have included one hotel, the Golden Tulip Strasbourg to provide a feeling of how your hotel could be presented

To watch the video on Youtube please click here > https://youtu.be/n4Kko_Xe38s

An example of how we present our recommended hotels

Every recommended hotel that is featured in our city taster film will also have their own individual video like the example shown below of the Golden Tulip Strasbourg the Garden. We work with you to make the best production so if you are passionate about films get involved with us. Pricing is affordable and flexible so you can choose how long you want your video to be according to your budget.

To watch the video on Youtube please click here > https://youtu.be/n1pORZlwA3w

In addition your hotel gets a dedicated page on our online magazine,  The Global Circle where we embed the video of your hotel into the page, this can help to increase visibility and also direct bookings for hotels, for an example please click the following link > Golden Tulip Strasbourg centre the Garden

Optionally at a small extra cost we can produce a non branded version of your hotel video for use on your official website. We would provide you with a Youtube code that your web developers can quickly and easily add to your website. This is a great opportunity to show a stylish video of your hotel on your own website!

An example of the type of non hotel content that will go on our channel to attract viewers

Our Youtube channel is focused on business, travel and lifestyle and as such alongside our city guide and recommended hotel videos we will also feature lifestyle and business content to drive more visitors to our channel and more viewers for your hotel! As an example of what to expect, below is a presentation of the 2020 Porsche Boxster T model that we produced for the Global Circle Club Youtube channel, watch this space for more exciting videos

To watch the video on Youtube please click here > https://youtu.be/Hh5LSntYXBk

Some benefits of partnership

• Your hotel available for bookings on our revolutionary Dynamic Private Request platform

• Our Dynamic Private Request technology can help you maximise occupancy levels like never before with no special software needed

• Connect with affluent travellers, over 70% of our members are CEO, business owner, senior manager

• Low and fair booking commission

How does a hotel qualify as a Recommended Hotel Collection partner?

• We only recommend a limited number of quality hotels in every city and all hotels must be invited or approved, your hotel will be in good company!

• Must have at least 70% positive online reviews (TripAdvisor, Google Reviews amongst others)

• Property must be well located and offer good value for money

• Property must offer excellent amenities and benefits to Global Circle Club members

Are you ready to unlock the potential of Youtube and maximise your occupancy levels? Simply complete the short form below to get started

Once you have completed and submitted the form below a member of our film production team will get in touch with you to answer any questions and help your hotel on its way to Youtube success!

    About the Global Circle Club

    The Global Circle Club is an innovative company combining quality media production services and cutting edge technology with a focus on simplicity and fairness in everything we do. The Global Circle Club technology platform provides hotels with a revolutionary way to maximise occupancy via our unique Dynamic Private Request System and minimise the cost of empty rooms with maximum flexibility. At the same time our platform allows Global Circle Club members, mostly business owners and senior managers of small and medium sized companies to enjoy stays at our Recommended Collection hotels along with specially negotiated club member benefits

    Film production FAQs

    Where will our hotel video be seen?

    Your hotel video will appear in our “A taste of…” city guide video amongst other quality hotels and you will have a separate video of just your hotel. Both of these videos will be available to view on our Youtube channel and also on our online magazine, The Global Circle.

    How about the quality of your productions?

    We work very hard to produce videos of a high quality, we film all hotel footage in 4k, use quality equipment and Hollywood grade film editing and colour grading software to get the best results. We film in a cinematic style and produce tailor made original music in-house for our videos to really make them original and enjoyable for viewers

    Can we show the video on our hotel website?

    Yes of course, we can provide you with an embed link that your web developer can use to insert the video onto any page you like, its a very simple process that any web designer can do in a matter of minutes.

    Optionally we can also produce a non branded video at a small extra cost which does not have the Global Circle Club branding, just the end credits will be shown. The branded video link can be provided for free

    Can we assist in or ask for anything specific for our hotel video?

    Yes of course, we will work with you to make the best possible video. If you or a member of staff would like to be in the video, if you have any ideas or would like to tell us which parts of the hotel to focus on just let us know.

    What if we make the video but leave the platform in the future, can we still use the video?

    We would be sad to see you go but these things happen. In this case we can for a small cost produce a non branded version for use on your own website and provide you with an embed link which you can use for as long as you want

    Will the filming cause disruption?

    We are very careful not to disrupt your normal business as we know a hotel is a 24/7 business! We usually need a room for one to two hours maximum and film in public areas in a way that causes minimum disruption. If you would like scenes of people in your bar, restaurant, breakfast, lobby etc just let us know if your guests are ok with it and we will be happy to shoot the scenes, we are always working with you to get the best result!

    How does pricing work?

    We believe in keeping things simple and fair at all times. We charge for videos at an all inclusive per second cost, so you are free to decide how long you want your video to be within your budget, the minimum length is 60 seconds. We will agree a maximum length in seconds with you and which parts of the hotel to film and will then produce the finished film within the agreed time. As a general guideline about 20 to 30 seconds per location (room, lobby, pool, gym etc) would be enough. The per second cost covers filming, editing, colour grading, music, titles, the lot! If you would like any extras like presenters or we need to hire any equipment for your shoot then that would be extra once you have given the approval. In most cases there are no extra costs.

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