Become a recommended partner property and reach remote workers and entrepreneurs looking for quality hotels, hostels and co-living spaces in your city

The problem

One of the many daily challenges in running a hotel is trying to minimise lost revenue from empty beds, money you will never get back! Heavy discounting can be challenging as it can affect all your channels and maybe even goes against your brand image if you are a luxury hotel

The solution

We have developed a unique technology that allows our partner hotels to privately offer discounts when needed to sell rooms without affecting direct and indirect distribution channels. think of it as a secret weapon against empty beds!

How does it work?

Once your hotel is accepted as a partner and loaded onto our platform our members can send Private Requests to your hotel. Our system will alert you when you have a Private Request. Your Private Offer is only seen by the member making the request and is not seen by the public or by any other members, it is a truly one to one connection between you and the Global Circle Club member. Every Private Offer is time limited to avoid you having to hold rooms for an unnecessary amount of time. Our system takes care of everything, no calls to make, no emails to write, it takes just a few minutes to make a Private Offer on our system. With our system you can be a lot more flexible and say goodbye to empty beds

Can any hotel join?

Our revolutionary platform is open to all types of hotels, large and small, individual to chain hotel. All hotels must be approved as Recommended partner hotels, we only work with the best! We are looking for quality hotels that are well located, offer excellent value and have a great reputation for service. Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page to get your hotel pre-approved for partnership

Receiving a Private Request, sending a Private Offer and confirming a booking is done in just three easy steps on our platform


A Global Circle Club member sends you a Private Request

We send you an email to let you know


You use our platform to send a Private Offer

This takes less than 5 minutes on our system


The member accepts your Private Offer

We take a deposit payment from the Global Circle Club member when they accept your Private Offer and send you an email to let you know your private offer has been accepted


You confirm the booking and you are done!

This takes a less than a minute on our system

Are you ready to join the travel revolution, say goodbye to empty beds and hello to business travellers? If that's a yes then simply complete the form below to get started!

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