Digital Nomad Experience – we catch up with digital nomad Imogen Cook

Digital nomad - Imogen Cook

In the first of our “Digital Nomad Experience” series, we tracked down digital nomad Imogen Cook in Bulgaria where she was visiting and speaking at Bansko NomadFest.

Imogen was kind enough to take time out of her busy day to share some of her digital nomad experiences, favourite places she’s visited and some tips on successfully managing a digital nomad lifestyle.

Your full name

Imogen Cook


What is your occupation?



Tell us about your work or business

We help entrepreneurs accelerate their business success through leveraging high-quality yet very affordable Virtual Assistants from the Philippines.


What is your nationality?



Where is home when you are not travelling?

I have no home base


Which countries/cities have you remote worked from so far?

Cape Town, Lisbon, Sofia, Bansko, Valencia, Hanoi, Kyoto, Chiang Mai, Kuala Lumpur, Lima, Bogota, Medellin, Mexico City & all around Mexico, Costa Rica, Paris, London & around UK, Amman, Istanbul, Cairo, Split


When did you begin your nomad journey?



Why did you decide to become a digital nomad?

Unhappy in my corporate career I was running ‘side hustle businesses’ that were starting to take off. I decided to quit my job, do a remote year and then continued travelling whilst building my business at the same time.

Being a Nomad feels much more natural to me than being ‘fixed’ in one place. I’m much more peaceful with the freedom of this lifestyle.


What are your favourite places to visit and live as a digital nomad?

To visit – Cape Town, Medellin, Costa Rica & Thailand

To live – Mexico City, Lisbon & maybe Thailand


What do you love about digital nomad life?

Freedom, variety & continuous learning. The amazing community, many of whom are focused on Entrepreneurship, Personal Development & Lifestyle Design


What don’t you like so much about the digital nomad lifestyle?

The pull between staying in a place you love & moving on

Lack of balance can be an issue depending on travel pace

I know some people experience a lot of loneliness & I had that in my 2nd year of travel but not since then


What have been your best moments?

Taking time to watch sunsets
Feeling free overall
New friendships with likeminded people
Learning about dance, languages & culture
Building my business


What have been your most challenging moments?

Being overwhelmed in my 1st year
Experiencing loneliness in my 2nd year


What tips could you offer to people new to the nomad life?

If your financials aren’t stable live in more affordable places with great Nomad communities until they are more stable

Look to tap into Nomad communities for advice & support

Think about the type of environment that makes you happy

Take less stuff

Be self-aware about your challenges & finding your balance

Be careful about burnout through travelling too fast


Name a few things you never ever travel without

Laptop & phone
Kayak bag
Powerbank & splitter charger
A spare phone
Anything that I can’t easily buy abroad (e,g. cosmetics)


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