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Global Circle Club brand partnership

The Global Circle Club and The Global Circle are premium brands dedicated to remote workers and remote entrepreneurs living the so-called digital nomad lifestyle.


There are currently over 35 million digital nomads worldwide and this is expected to exceed 1 billion by 2035

The average income of a digital nomad is $119,423 per annum and based on the current circa 35 million digital nomads around the world, that would represent nearly $4 trillion in GDP if the digital nomads were a country making “digital nomad land” one of the highest GDP countries in the world! It is expected that by 2035 there could be over 1 billion remote workers living the digital nomad lifestyle.


The Global Circle Club is our private members’ club offering the best places to stay, work and connect for remote workers and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our mission with the Global Circle Club is to offer digital nomads a hand picked selection of the best places to stay in the top digital nomad destinations on a single platform, whether that be co-living spaces, hotels, hostels, apartments or private shared living

Our accommodation platform uses a world’s first booking technology focused on long stays in digital nomad destinations allowing accommodation providers of all types and sizes to make private one-to-one offers to our club members.

In addition, the Global Circle Club has over 600,000 hotels and hostels around the world for short-term stays.

At we can offer a very limited number of highly visible opportunities for brands that fit. Please contact us using the form below to see if your brand could qualify.


The Global Circle is our global lifestyle brand dedicated to all things remote work including the digital nomad lifestyle, digital nomad destinations, co-working, co-living, the digital nomad community, the future of work and entrepreneurial topics.

Our mission with The Global Circle is to cut through the noise and truly engage with our digital nomad audience on subjects that matter

The “digital nomad” phenomenon is still in its relative infancy. Brands wanting to reach this very specific, affluent and dynamic audience find it quite difficult as by definition, digital nomads are on the move around the world. In addition, engagement is getting increasingly difficult in today’s social media driven world with attention spans being at historic lows.


In-house search engine optimisation (SEO) and original content creation

We carry out search engine optimisation and original content creation in-house. Our mission is to carefully and purposely create “content” that is highly relevant to our audience whilst at the same time taking advantage of SEO techniques and keyword analysis to help drive relevant traffic to our and brand partner websites.


If your brand is complimentary and can benefit our audience we would be open to discussing partnership opportunities.

Less is more! Our focus is not on generating mass “traffic” but rather on nurturing engagement, building trust and offering our club members and global digital nomad audience relevant information and quality products and services via partners that can enhance their digital nomad lifestyles.


If you would like to get your brand in front of our digital nomad audience and Global Circle Club members please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to explore the options with you