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Marketing is at the heart of every successful business and working with the right marketing specialists is crucial in getting results.

Not all marketing is created equal though. To work well it should be very well targeted, especially if your product or service is aiming at a niche market. The more finely tuned your marketing the more likely you are to hit your target and the less money wasted. Now that may not matter as much to a huge consumer brand that has a wide spectrum of prospective customers and a massive marketing budget but to businesses in highly specialised industries, accurate targeting and specialist market knowledge is key.

This brings me nicely to Global Circle Club member, Equitivity Marketing. Equitivity marketing are experts in the world of equestrian marketing and provide a very specialised service to English speaking clients either wanting to enter or grow their presence in the German equestrian market, which by the way is huge, second only to football!

Equitivity is run by Miriam, a native German and a professional show jumper who has been involved in the horse sport world for over 20 years and is a sales and marketing graduate. Miriam is fluent in English to an almost native level and this high level of language combined with deep market knowledge makes it easier to create the bridge between English and German for clients either wanting to enter Germany or those in Germany looking to achieve greater success.

While Germany is a very advanced in most things, automobiles to name one example, the horse world is still pretty traditional and knowing the right people and how to approach them is essential. Equitivity Marketing will identify suitable partners, retailers, organise attendance at important equestrian events and even help with short term staff if needed. Clients can spend their time on their business and leave the German side to Equitivity until such time that dedicated staff are needed.

Equitivity isn´t only involved with businesses actively involved in the equestrian sector, not at all, equestrian sport can be pretty expensive and tends to attract people with above average disposable incomes, horses don´t come cheap! This is attractive to brands that may not sell equestrian specific products but would like to reach people attending equestrian events. This is where Equitivity is able to help. Equitivity marketing will assess the clients business and target market and then place their products or branding at carefully chosen horse shows thus providing a very high level of visibility in what may have been an untapped opportunity to reach new customers. Think high end sport utility vehicles as just one example.

If you are in the equestrian business looking to enter Germany or would like to get your products or brand in front of a well healed audience get in touch with Equitivity Marketing. You can reach Equitivity Marketing via their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Equitivity

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